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If you are interested in taking your athletic performance to the next level - whether that next level is beginning a training program for the first time, improving your personal best time, winning your age group, or turning professional - you came to the right place.

Joe Company, PhD founded ECo in 2010, but prior to this he coached at the high school and collegiate level, worked with Olympic training programs, and worked with a number of high-performance athletes, scientists, researchers, and coaches.  Joe began consulting endurance athletes in 2002, but as he evolved in his education and experience, he wanted to make his expertise available to more people.  ECo is the product of Joe's experience.

Endurance Company coaches and partners are carefully selected to provide quality coaching, teaching, information, and advice. All ECo coaches provide a valuable combination of education, practical experience, and knowledge in Joe's training philosophies.  Endurance Company coaches apply these key principles to provide unparalleled, customized training programs for all abilities of athletes. 

Our mission is make your training and racing experience as rewarding as possible. The goal is to help you become a healthy, successful, complete athlete by providing a training plan that helps you reach your goals while maintaining balance in your life.

In addition to custom training plans, we offer laboratory bike and run VO2max and lactate testing as well as 'field testing' for bike power. These tests allow unparalleled optimization of your training plan.

It is time to take the guesswork out of your training!


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Endurance Company's ATHLETE MASTERY PROGRAM focuses on teaching and empowering children to learn fundamental skills that will serve them in any sport and serve them for their entire life.







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Paula Rawlings

2011:  consistently at the top of her age group, 11 races completed

2012: 2 1/2 marathons, Maxomania

2013: Rev3 Branson Half Ironman, sub 5-hr Bermuda Marathon

While I had been running for 5 years, my first triathlon was in May, followed by a second at the end of May.  I was frustrated by my performance.  So, I checked with Joe about getting help with my training.  My goals were pretty basic:  keep mobile as long as I live, not get injured, finish races in the middle third of my age group, and help the triathlon club win another National Championship.  Here are my thoughts on Endurance Company training:

I started working with Joe in June 2011.  The highlights of these past 2 years were completing a 70.3 Triathlon in Branson, and finishing the Bermuda Marathon in under 5 hours.  What I like about working with Joe is that he minimizes that time I have to spend thinking about what workout to do when, and if what I’m doing will allow me to achieve my goals.  Each night, I look at Training Peaks to see what is scheduled for the next day.  That allows me to plan my schedule for the next day and to plan what clothes and gear I need.  Triathlon is cerebral enough without my having to think much about these kinds of things. I am freed up to think about the activities I am currently engaged in be it biking, running or swimming.  Also, Joe’s contacts have been valuable to me.  My swimming has improved because he hooked me up with someone who could work on technique.  My nutrition is MUCH better because of his referral to a nutritionist.  Because of his support and my trust in his knowledge to know what I need, I am setting goals I would have never set in the past, and fully expect to achieve them.
-          My WORKOUT schedule is tailored to fit my LIFE schedule.  Joe asked me what days and time I have available for work outs, and if there were specific days that were better for swimming, biking, or running. He was very responsive to my schedule and was willing to adjust as my life changed. An example: I have a meeting every Wednesday – he designed my Wednesday workout so that I could be at that meeting on time.  Another example: My husband likes to go biking on Sundays, and likes me to go with him.  Joe built that bike ride into my training schedule.

-          The duration specified on my training schedule is usually ‘right on’.  If a workout is scheduled to last 40 minutes, it usually does.  With my busy schedule this very important, as it allows me to plan my schedule for the rest of the day.

-          Locations are suggested for my workout.  This reduces the amount of thought I needed to put into a workout.  And, being new to Columbia, I have learned what roads are good to ride and run.

-          There is a lot of variety in my workouts.  Instead of my training schedule saying ‘swim 2500 yards’, the distance is broken down into multiple components with the goal of improving my swim.

-          The workouts have been challenging, but fun.  One of my favorite bike workouts was one in which I was supposed do hill repeats, but when I got to the top, ride hard for an additional 60 seconds.  Before that, I would have never considered doing anything but ‘resting’ at the top of a hill.  This workout changed my thinking toward climbing hills.

-          The workouts have been intense, but for a duration that is survivable.  Another of my favorite running sessions was one that I was supposed to warm up, then do a specific number of 800s at a set faster pace, with 3-4 minutes either walk or run in between each.  When I finished my run, I was surprise to find I had run over 9 miles.

-          Joe has remained flexible.  If my life schedule or training schedule changes, he has adjusted my training appropriately. An example of this:  When it was discovered that there was no one from our club in my age group who was doing the sprint at Nationals, upon my request, he immediately changed my workouts to prepare me for the sprint instead of the planned international distance.

The results of using Endurance Company for my past 5 months of training?  Well, I’m still moving, and moving faster!  I finished the triathlon season (11 races) with no additional injuries.  In several races I finished second in my age group.  And, I had the thrill of helping the tri club win their 6th National Championship.  I also ran a 15K in a time I would have never imagined possible.  My run pace is about a minute faster;  In the past,  I would hope to finish a 5K in less than 30 minutes, now that isn’t even a question…how about getting to a consistent sub-26:00?!

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