Drink a beer. Run a quarter.  Repeat 4 times. ...


Todd completed his first Ironman in Tempe, Arizona...


What an EPIC DAY!!!  Arrick hammered out the entire...


Casey Schnack executed a solid race. She swam the...


If you are interested in taking your athletic performance to the next level - whether that next level is beginning a training program for the first time, improving your personal best time, winning your age group, or turning professional - you came to the right place.

Joe Company, PhD is an experienced coach and experienced athlete.  He applies sports science as well as his personal experiences as a coach and athlete to customize training programs for all abilities of athletes.  Joe's mission is make your training and racing experience as rewarding as possible. The goal is to help you become a healthy, successful, complete athlete by providing a training plan that helps you reach your goals while maintaining balance in your life.

In addition to custom training plans, Joe offer laboratory bike and run VO2max and lactate testing as well as 'field testing' for bike power. These tests allow unparalleled optimization of your training plan.

It is time to take the guesswork out of your training!


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Summer Multisport Camp

Join us in beautiful Southern Michigan for a week of fun, challenging multisport training. Join professional coach and retired professional triathlete Joe Company and professional triathlete Chris Sweet for this invaluable week! You are gauranteed to be pushed to your limits and learn something new!

Find Your Focus

It’s easy to get off kilter. So many things in our lives can set us off into a downward and distracted spiral. To help get focused (and develop killer intrinsic foot, ankle and glute muscle strength), try some balancing poses. Remember that it’s next to impossible to stay committed to these poses without steady breathing and a calm relaxed mind.

There is more to VO2 max than perofrmance

VO2max is a popular topic among exercise physiologists and endurance athletes. Exercise physiologists use VO2max to measure the effectiveness of a training protocol; if VO2max increases, the training protocol is effective. Endurance athletes use VO2max as a marker of fitness and compare values at various times of the season. 

Iron Lent

Now is the time of year that most northern hemisphere athletes begin to ramp up their training in preparation for their first big race.  In previous years I tended to come out of hibernation in late-February - early-March and begin serious preparation for my upcoming season.  It is a really fun time of year to begin this type of training with the temperatures beginning to rise, the sun shining longer, and the first race of the year quickly approaching.

Winter Camp Summary

The 2015 ECo Winter camp left campers feeling motivated, tired, and educated! Each camper was tested for run and bike performance, which allowed us to identify their current fitness and training zones. In addition, each camper had comprehensive blood work performed that allowed us to identify health and exercise changes that lead to healthy lifestyle improvements. Here is a summary of the weekend:


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