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If you are interested in taking your athletic performance to the next level - whether that next level is beginning a training program for the first time, improving your personal best time, winning your age group, or turning professional - you came to the right place.

Joe Company, PhD founded ECo in 2010, but prior to this he coached at the high school and collegiate level, worked with Olympic training programs, and worked with a number of high-performance athletes, scientists, researchers, and coaches.  Joe began consulting endurance athletes in 2002, but as he evolved in his education and experience, he wanted to make his expertise available to more people.  ECo is the product of Joe's experience.

Endurance Company coaches and partners are carefully selected to provide quality coaching, teaching, information, and advice. All ECo coaches provide a valuable combination of education, practical experience, and knowledge in Joe's training philosophies.  Endurance Company coaches apply these key principles to provide unparalleled, customized training programs for all abilities of athletes. 

Our mission is make your training and racing experience as rewarding as possible. The goal is to help you become a healthy, successful, complete athlete by providing a training plan that helps you reach your goals while maintaining balance in your life.

In addition to custom training plans, we offer laboratory bike and run VO2max and lactate testing as well as 'field testing' for bike power. These tests allow unparalleled optimization of your training plan.

It is time to take the guesswork out of your training!


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Endurance Company's ATHLETE MASTERY PROGRAM focuses on teaching and empowering children to learn fundamental skills that will serve them in any sport and serve them for their entire life.







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Winter Camp Summary

The 2015 ECo Winter camp left campers feeling motivated, tired, and educated! Each camper was tested for run and bike performance, which allowed us to identify their current fitness and training zones. In addition, each camper had comprehensive blood work performed that allowed us to identify health and exercise changes that lead to healthy lifestyle improvements. Here is a summary of the weekend:

The weekend started on Friday night with an informal social gathering for athletes to meet each other.  Saturday morning began with a trip to Boyce and Bynum for blood work.  Endurance Company has chosen to focus on the athlete and their health as not only a way to improve performances but also quality of life.  Joe spent time educating athletes on why blood work, body composition and knowing your numbers are important to overall health and athletic performance.
Athletes were introduced to Michele Winter, the Endurance Company “Healthier You” winner for 2015. Michele is fighting breast cancer with vigor and passion.  Her determination and perseverance were motivational to athletes.  Michele is looking at improving her 70.3 time with the aspiration of a 140.6 in 2016.  We were all impressed and blown away by Michele with her kindness, hard work and positive attitude!

It was then that athletes had the opportunity to learn about run form and then try the Alter-G treadmill with Mike Frossard at 1:1 PT and Run.  

Yes, imagine having the opportunity to see what it is like to run at 85% of your weight.  The most striking part was not running at 85%.  It was then running at 100% of your weight immediately following.

Mike had great information for the athletes.  His facility is a place for athletes to go through rehabilitation that will not only offer expert guidance but will also improve performance by using run gait analysis and the technology of the Alter-G treadmill.
Up next was a trip to The Fitness Company for some strength work and bike testing. This year’s camp focused on giving athletes data that they can use as benchmark data to guide them in their 2015 training and also show them the improvements they will make after a year of training.  Bike testing left us gasping for air but was great to do as a group and with Joe’s encouragement.

After a short break, the folks from the Performance Company tested athlete’s strength and functional movement.  Based on the testing we were given corrective stretching and exercises we could do to improve our triathlon performances.  It was very informative and gave us things we can do everyday to make gains!  

Up next were run baseline tests.  We met on the Katy Trail and completed the tests.  Our coach now has our baseline performances for running this season.  Knowing our numbers now so we can work hard to improve them provides us with a lot of motivation.
Dinner and time for some socializing was great!  And then it was early to bed for most of us after a long day of testing and training.
We started the day with breakfast and followed with a long run on one of the most beautiful days in February with temperatures in the 50s and 60s.  Keith Fernandez had created fantastic run options for the group and set out aide for runners along the way.  Thanks Keith!
We followed the run off with a bite to eat and a trip back to the Performance Company where the foam rollers and stretching with a light strength workout followed.  Some of us enjoyed the foam rolling more than others!
Joe talked about our blood work as we all got our results back next.  We are a pretty healthy bunch!  Then the Team ECo Challenge awaited us.  Yes, on the bikes with a light warm up and 9 max efforts followed.  Oh it was fun!  Really!!  Athletes some how managed to put up some impressive watts that morning.  I think it was being surrounded by teammates that helped.

After the bike workout, we all said our goodbyes until the next Team ECo event, TriZou Triathlon in May.  We definitely have our work cut out for us.  And this year starts us off a bit differently.  We are armed with our performance baseline numbers in biking and running.  We have definite goals now and with the guidance of Endurance Company, we have time to achieve them.
Thank you Joe, Endurance Company, 1:1 PT to Run and The Fitness Company for a fun, inspirational and educational weekend with teammates!

Clearly Martin enjoyed the camp!

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