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If you are interested in taking your athletic performance to the next level - whether that next level is beginning a training program for the first time, improving your personal best time, winning your age group, or turning professional - you came to the right place.

Joe Company, PhD founded ECo in 2010, but prior to this he coached at the high school and collegiate level, worked with Olympic training programs, and worked with a number of high-performance athletes, scientists, researchers, and coaches.  Joe began consulting endurance athletes in 2002, but as he evolved in his education and experience, he wanted to make his expertise available to more people.  ECo is the product of Joe's experience.

Endurance Company coaches and partners are carefully selected to provide quality coaching, teaching, information, and advice. All ECo coaches provide a valuable combination of education, practical experience, and knowledge in Joe's training philosophies.  Endurance Company coaches apply these key principles to provide unparalleled, customized training programs for all abilities of athletes. 

Our mission is make your training and racing experience as rewarding as possible. The goal is to help you become a healthy, successful, complete athlete by providing a training plan that helps you reach your goals while maintaining balance in your life.

In addition to custom training plans, we offer laboratory bike and run VO2max and lactate testing as well as 'field testing' for bike power. These tests allow unparalleled optimization of your training plan.

It is time to take the guesswork out of your training!


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Endurance Company's ATHLETE MASTERY PROGRAM focuses on teaching and empowering children to learn fundamental skills that will serve them in any sport and serve them for their entire life.




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Triathlon Transition Tips

For example, if you practice your transitions to the point where you improve to where you are 15 seconds faster in transition, you put 5 seconds per mile 'in the bank.' In other words, if your swim and bike times are identical to a competitor, but you transition 15 seconds faster, then that competitor needs to run 5 seconds per mile faster in order to catch up to you by the finish!
The tips below are applicable any triathlon, but like I mentioned above, it is extra critical for the sprint triathlon.

Here are things to bring on race day:

  • Your timing chip
  • Towel
  • Flashlight
  • Race uniform
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap
  • Wet suit or speed suit
  • Anti Chaffing / Body Glide
  • Sunscreen
  • Race watch
  • Flip flops / shoes to wear to the swim start
  • Pony tail holder (if needed)
  • Bike
  • Bike pump
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottles
  • Contacts and extra solution
  • Spare tire kit – A way to fix a flat
  • Bike computer
  • Nutrition / Hydration
  • Duct tape of electrical tape
  • Running shoes
  • Race belt
  • Cap or visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Baby powder
  • Cooking spray
  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Rubber bands (if you use them)
  • Permanent Marker


Pre Race Tips – Do your homework!
Preparing before the race can really help! Look at the racecourse transition maps on the web site to understand the flow.
Find out when transition opens.  If it is first come, first bike rack get there early. Some transitions have a 'first come, first serve' policy. If that is the case, come early so you can get a good transition spot.

The Day of the Race

  • Walk through transition and understand “Run Out” “Bike Out”
  • Get body marked and pick up your timing chip.
  • Put on your timing chip on your left leg so it does not get caught in your bike chain.
  • Find out when athletes need to be out of transition.


Setting up your Transition Spot

  • Be mindful of your fellow athletes.
  • Put a towel down.  
  • Plastic grocery bags can help you get on your wet suit.
  • At the front of the towel place your race belt, visor on top and then running shoes on top of your race belt and visor.
  • Race nutrition (gels, water bottle, Red Bull) can all be on the side.
  • If bike shoes are clipped on bike then they are there, or they go on the towel.
  • Make sure your bike tires are aired up properly but do NOT over inflate.
  • Gear your bike appropriately for the first part of the bike section.
  • Turn on your bike computer / turn off the “Auto Off”
  • Helmet should be on the ground next to your shoes or on your aero bars open.
  •  Most convenient to have it on your aero bars but it can get knocked off and you may have to look for it.


T1 – Swim to Bike

Flow of T1 / Swim to Bike

  • As you run out of the water, get your goggles up to forehead so you can see and your hands are free to get the wetsuit off.
  • Unzip your wetsuit and pulled down to your waist while running into T1.
  • Take Cap and Goggles off as you run into T1.
  • Get to your bike.
  • Throw goggles and cap down at your transition spot.
  • Get wet suit to your ankles
  • Reach for helmet
  • While putting on helmet get the wet suit off your ankles
  • Helmet on and snap your strap
  • Before you can take the bike off the rack, your helmet MUST be strapped!
  • If the wet suit is not off at this point, you may need to reach down and get it off your ankles
  • Sunglasses ON
  • If your shoes are clipped on your bike, grab your bike and run to “Bike Out”
  • If your shoes are NOT clipped on your bike, put your shoes on and run to “Bike Out”
  • Do not get on your bike until you are at the “Bike Mount Line”


T1 Tips
1)    Know where your bike is from the “Swim In” and the fastest way to get to it.
i)    Count the racks, use balloons, colorful towels, remember the     number
2)    When it is damp or humid sunglasses can steam up, you can put them in your helmet or low on your nose until they clear.
3)    Duck tape the tab of the gels on your top tube or stem, so you can just take it off and it is open as you ride.
4)    The most efficient transition is grab and go.  Everything should be on your bike and ready to go.  All your calories should be on your bike.  
5)    Spray cooking spray on calves to remove wet suit quicker.
6)    Have your helmet on your aero bars with your straps open so you can grab it and stick it on your head with the straps properly placed and not tangled up

T2 – Bike to Run

Flow of T2 / Bike to Run

  • Approach the dismount line – Flying dismount or Stop and dismount your bike
  • Run your bike to the bike rack and rack your bike on the same side as it was.
  • Your helmet must stay on your head and strapped at this point!
  • Rack your bike
  • Take off helmet
  • Take off bike shoes
  • Slip on running shoes (Elastic laces are fastest and most efficient)
  • Socks are optional – Sprint – No!, OLY – Maybe, ½ and beyond – yes
  • Grab visor/hat and your race number belt and begin running out of T2.
  • Put on hat and race number as you are running.


T2 Tips
1)    Hot days – Freeze a water bottle and put in transition.  Dump frozen water over your head the first half-mile.
2)    Put baby powder or Vaseline in your shoes to prevent blisters.
3)    You can hold your gels as you run.
4)    Put your race belt on as you run and are moving forward



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