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Austin - A Race on the Brink

Austin Half-Marathon Race Report

by Keith Fernandez

ALONE: It’s the 2012 Austin ½ Marathon and I’m doing it on my own. Well, just me and AC/DC. This was my 1st race in which I had no one there as support. No family, no friends, no club support.  No one to help with packets, driving, or keeping track of gear.

No one to cheer, no one to prod, no one to share my experience with.  The person who was my support in so many ways is no longer a part of my life.  I didn’t know how I would handle this but it didn’t look good. But to see how I arrived at this point we have to look back.

A 2nd CHANCE: In life we don’t often get 2nd chances but I did. My endurance sports training began just over 3 years ago. It began with me getting into shape and 3 people were crucial to this transformation. Karen, a personal trainer, took an aging out of shape middle aged man and gave me the courage to try a marathon. Joe, an endurance coach, who taught me how to run, how to train, and how to get the most effort out of an aging body. Jolie, a wonderful woman, who convinced me that the sky was the limit and that the impossible could become possible.

DAY BEFORE RACE: Things started badly and they only got worse. My flights were delayed due to poor weather so I spent multiple hours in the airport. I arrived much later in Austin than I had planned. I got stuck in traffic. I almost missed picking up my race packet. It was raining and chilly which gave me no chance to do any type of light pre-race jog or workout. I was unable to drive the course as I normally do. I ate supper much later than I normally would and went to bed much later than I normally would the night before a race. This did not portend a successful race.

RACEDAY: It’s a perfect day to run. The skies are clear, the sun is shining, a slight breeze with temperatures in the mid 40’s. I was able to locate a parking space on the street just 3 blocks from the start and it cost me nothing to park there. I also didn’t have to worry about a gear check location as my car was close enough to place all my extra clothing and items in. I was able to take care of last minute bathroom breaks and warm-ups and still get to the starting corral with about 5 minutes to spare. Maybe things would work out after all.

RACE START: And they’re off. Or at least I was. But no more than 5 seconds after crossing the start line a fellow racer turned abruptly around, ran back to the start line, and ran right into me. I ended up being pushed into someone else (fortunately they did not fall) and fell to my hands and knees on the ground. This resulted in quite a bit of blood flowing from both knees and my right palm. I had to remove gravel from my knees. This breaks my concentration and causes me to wonder what else could go wrong and how will I finish. This was a critical race in my training regimen. The doubts begin. How can I go 13 miles like this? How can I ever make up the time? I needed someone to tell me it was going to be ok. I needed Jolie to tell me that this was no big deal, I can still do it. I’m ready to quit before I even start.

DO I COMPLETE THE RACE: Something happened on the way to giving up on this race. I’m not sure where it came from but I resolved not to quit. I remembered a local news story that told of a lady who had lost a leg and breast to cancer yet she was doing this very race. I thought of my adopted nephew who I am mentoring in cross country and who looks up to me. I thought of my sister who has been so supportive of me, especially during this difficult time in my life. And yes I remembered and missed Jolie. These people, all for their own respective reasons, expect and deserve my very best. And I am going to give it to them.

I’M IN IT TO STAY: I’ve decided to stay in the race. After brushing myself off I have to regroup. As I begin to run again my stride is a bit awkward. I can’t seem to get into a rhythm. I’ve lost track of the pace group. My timing is all off. Due to the fall my ear buds have become tangled and loose. My 1st mile is of course slow. I miss the 3 mile marker. I forget to take my gel at mile # 3. I’m mad which causes me to lose focus. It appears this race is quickly on its way to being blown but at this point I just don’t care.

5K TO THE FINISH: But after the 5K mark I begin to come around. I find my rhythm. I settle in. I realize what a great day I have. My MP3 play mix gets me going. For the 1st time in a race I’m running in I actually see and hear the crowd. I draw upon their energy. I see a sign someone is holding: “Cojones of Tenacity” and I laugh. I hit mile 9 at a point where the course crosses a river over a long curving bridge right in downtown Austin and it’s beautiful. Suddenly it’s not so bad anymore and I get my 2nd wind. After mile 10 I feel good and I know I can do this. There’s a long steep hill in the last ¼ mile of the race but it’s as if it isn’t even there; I actually accelerate up the incline. The last 300 meters are all downhill and I smoke to the finish in 1:30:15 which is a PR for me by over 6 minutes.

WHAT’S NEXT: Austin was part of my training regimen for Boston. The goal is under 03:00:00 for the Boston Marathon. I don’t know that I can accomplish this dream. Remembering Karen will remind me of where I started and how far I’ve come. Physically Joe will have me ready. Ah, but without Jolie where will I find that inspiration to push myself and make this dream a reality? I must remind myself of all the good I have in my life and all those people that do support and believe in me. Live life like there’s no tomorrow and show all those closest to me just how much they mean to me. If I can keep true to these values not only can I achieve my running goals but my life goals as well.



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